Overcoming six key challenges of Process Engineering & Design

Change is a constant in organizations, in technology and indeed in society. And the operations industry is no different. Change is a catalyst for new initiatives that require processes and people to adapt. But change can be difficult to navigate, challenging and demanding for most organizations. We look at some of the overarching and common challenges and find out how they can be overcome.

#1. Restructuring of an existing process

What is the benefit of restructuring an existing process? Which one should you focus on? How will it impact other processes and operations? It can be difficult to know where and how to proceed even when you know your process in detail. Regardless of whether your goal is to streamline operations, scale production or improve collaboration, our consultants can help. We can deliver process improvements as individual initiatives or as part of a holistic approach that considers wide-ranging internal and external factors.

#2. Going from ‘idea’ to a functioning process flow

Getting an idea into a functioning and scalable process flow can often seem like more effort than it’s worth, which can mean you miss out on many great improvements, big and small. We can help you design and validate ideas before they become costly mistakes and find the best way to implement them into a process to deliver the ultimate benefits.

#3. Changing external factors

If there is one thing we can be sure about, it’s that external factors will impact operations. We have seen how Covid caused a global supply chain issue that continues today, how the invasion of Ukraine has led to energy costs doubling, and how the great resignation in the US saw companies struggle to retain staff. Then there’s the need to: fully integrate digital and integrate this with value-adding processes; meet evolving regulatory requirements; and implement sustainable production. Managing all these factors can be challenging – our process engineering and design experts can help you overcome them and thrive.

#4. Lack of time

Finding the time to get everything done in a busy workplace is a real challenge. You only have so many hours in a day and so many members in a team. Thankfully, we can help you on two different fronts. Our talented consultants can jump into virtually any project, be it writing specifications validating manufacturing processes, or planning and managing projects. Alternatively, if you’d like to develop new ways of working to streamline in-house operations long-term, our experts can handle that while you focus on your core business. Either way, you get more time.

#5. Changes in personnel

Personnel changes bring with them challenges and opportunities. New staff must integrate into the team and be onboarded – see challenge six. However, new people can bring new skills and ideas that inspire a team. A change in personnel can also make it easier to get buy-in for new processes that streamline operations and drive new opportunities. But spotting these opportunities can be difficult if all you see is a resource gap. We can help you take advantage of changes in personnel.

#6. Lack of expertise

Finding and holding onto qualified and experienced staff can be difficult in today’s highly competitive employment market. You may find great people with lots of potential – whether they’re recently graduated students or from similar fields – but there’s a gap where they have to learn your business and ways of working. How quickly this expertise gap is closed will depend on their abilities and your team’s availability to support them. Having expert consultants on hand who can fill these gaps is essential, especially as your customers won’t wait, even if you have to. Alternatively, introducing more automation into your operations can help remove the need for specific expertise.

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