My name is Kristina "Stina" Eneling and I work as a consultant in the Compliance business area at PlantVision, mainly with validation management and project management. I am passionate about what I have in front of me being good, and I feel that I can contribute to all my projects! The most fun thing about my job is to solve problems together with the customer, and that there is rarely a day that is the same! 

I chose PlantVision because the company has a great sense of togetherness, even though we are spread out among many different customers. A shared knowledge culture where you can ask for help "at home" as we have a fantastic pool of experience and knowledge. I also like the opportunities for variation that exist at PlantVision in the form of many different customers, types of assignments and internal work at the company.

If you want to know more about what I do or what it's like to work at PlantVision, you can always contact me!