Mikael Juretic

"I'm driven by challenges, it's very important for me to enjoy myself!"
Mikael Juretic, Senior Consultant at Plantvision AB

After sixteen years at the same company, Mikael Juretic felt it was time to do something different. Being challenged in his work is something he values and he had been thinking about moving on for a while. Maybe even change industries altogether. When he saw an advert that Plantvision was looking for IT consultants, he took action and applied. It would be the start of a challenging and fun journey.

He joined as an IT consultant, but it wasn't more than a few months before he moved into a management role. Today he is Consultant Manager for the Industry Information team.

"I guess I've never been a real hacker, but I appreciate the dialogue with customers and the social aspect. So the role I have today suits me really well. But I do still do some consulting. Mostly to get an insight into how the team is doing, what challenges they face, and if they run into problems. Then I'm there to help and support. We are now a close-knit team of experts who work very closely with the customer, with daily meetings and reviews," he says.

Working closely with the team, supporting and being there for each other is something that Plantvision employees value - and is high on the company's agenda. There are many consulting teams internally and Mikael's team is represented across the country.

"I myself am stationed in Kista, but my team works from different geographical locations, it's the customer assignments that rule. We sit in the customer's systems, which they have acquired from us, and we have the experience and knowledge to run this type of IT system in production," Mikael explains.

Mikael is a graduate engineer and four years have passed since he joined PlantVision. Then, as now, he sees many advantages and opportunities in working within a larger consultancy.

"A big advantage is the constant change that it means to constantly bring in new customers and meet their needs and challenges. We can take on virtually any client assignment where our expertise is needed. And not being geographically locked in gives us a lot of variation," says Mikael.

In his role as Consultant Manager , there are some things that Mikael likes to highlight, which he sees as particularly important for creating a dynamic team.

"Understanding and insight into the client's mission is crucial to doing a good job. But structure and good cooperation are also important factors in creating a well-functioning team. I think it's important to be present, insightful, encouraging and helpful. All the time, I work to try to create an atmosphere where people are not afraid to ask questions, make mistakes or ask for help. I think that creates a positive team spirit," says Mikael.

The team has implemented and managed a number of attractive projects over the past few years, a journey that would not have been possible without all the dedicated people who make up the expert team.

"Our entire team is about to embark on an innovative growth journey that we look forward to with excitement. I myself am driven by challenges, which is very important for me to thrive. And now we are expanding the team and looking for more driven and ambitious employees who want to help us develop our offer and create attractive IT solutions," Mikael concludes.

Mikael Juretic

Roll: Consultant Manager Industry Information
Team: Technology
Location: Kista

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