A world-class recruitment process

We are proud of our recruitment process. We employ some of the best in the business and it all starts there, in a way, with a fair and evidence-based process. It's like the backbone of our delivery because it helps us ensure that we can deliver the best solutions to our clients. Because by following every step, we can be sure that you are the person we are looking for. No matter who you are or what you've done before - if you fit the profile, we welcome you!

Step 1 (of 5)


We will review your application, examining how well you match the position based on skills, potential and your described personal qualities.

Step 2 (of 5)


Initially, we'll have a first conversation over the phone, after which you'll meet with the responsible manager, parts of your team and HR.

Step 3 (of 5)

Tests and references

Through testing, we ensure evidence-based recruitment. As a final step, we collect your references.

Step 4 (of 5)


Hooray! If we're lucky, we're a perfect match for each other. Then we offer you a job with us.

Step 5 (of 5)


Already after signing the contract we start the introduction to us. We want to give you the best possible start on your exciting new journey with us!

Your first time with us

To make sure that you get the best possible start with us, we start even before you start. Yes, as soon as your signature is on Location you will receive your first invitation to one of our joint activities. And once you are here, you can count on a nice and thoughtful introduction package in the form of internal trainings, a welcome program and a sponsor who will show you how everything works. For us, it is incredibly important that you are welcomed as a member of the team from the first moment you step into one of our offices.