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How do we create an atmosphere where every member of a team is a valuable part of our success story? Where parameters such as engagement, inclusion, knowledge sharing and cohesion are the cornerstones. Join us in the story of the eight-person team that makes up Laboratory Management, part of our Technology business area, and we'll tell you more.

The team, known as LM for short, is driven by passion for the projects. Each consultant is committed to doing their best and contributing to the success of the team. Through constant knowledge sharing and community, they strive to grow both individually and as a group.

"We are open, unpretentious and welcoming to each other, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels included and valued. At the start of one's journey with us, there is a sponsor to ease the transition and ensure that each new member feels welcome and supported.

We also believe in the strength of having several consultants working on the same project, as it allows us to benefit from each other's knowledge and experience. By working with the same software and performing similar tasks, for different customers, we create a uniform and efficient work process. With us, community, openness and continuous development are a matter of course," says Karolina Andersson, Consultant Manager, Team LM.


Community, development & successful projects


LM is made up of everything from veterans, who have been with us since the beginning of Plantvision, to newcomers who have joined in the last year and everything in between. Junior talent is strongly supported and given opportunities to develop in their roles, in the projects and in the team. The senior specialists and project managers create the conditions for this by shaping a dynamic and learning environment with high expectations.


But what is it that makes a team strong? For LM, it's about sharing knowledge, supporting each other and growing together. Being part of the LM group opens up opportunities to develop professionally, but also in terms of building close relationships with colleagues.


"We believe in clear communication and collaboration in our team. Through regular meetings and common platforms, we ensure that everyone is involved and contributes to successful projects. Being part of a team means we can learn from each other, develop together and create an energized work environment.

For our customers, this means that they have access to more experts who can help when needed and ensure continuity even in case of absence. Because we have clients in a wide range of industries, with varying challenges, we can constantly challenge ourselves and learn something new. Everyone in the team is committed to being the best partner for our customers and to delivering high-quality solutions that make a real difference.", says Anders Törnqvist, Senior Expert Consultant.


For the LM team, no two days are the same, but they say that a good day at work means that they have managed to solve problems, that they collaborate effectively among colleagues and that they feel appreciated by their customers. If they can also get together for a coffee or a lunchtime walk, then that's the icing on the cake.


"Plantvision is not just a workplace, it's a community where we constantly strive to make each other and our customers a little better every day. Even though we work as consultants, sometimes on different assignments, I always feel a "we-feeling" with my team of course, but also with the company as a whole. We want to deliver the best solutions to our clients and achieve results that make a difference, that's our incentive", says Lenis Alvarez-Rozo, Consultant.


The LM team's work centers around SampleManager LIMS, one of the world's most widely used Laboratory Information Management Systems. The software is used to improve the lab productivity of customers from a wide variety of industries, such as life science, paper, food, process and energy. The partnership between customer and LM within Plantvision is driven by a solution-oriented collaboration that enables ensuring regulatory compliance where data and processes are in focus.


We thank the LM gang for the chat and wish you eight superstars the best of luck with current and future projects!


Pst! Maybe you now felt that this is the team I want to be part of? Totally understandable! The timing couldn't be better as we are currently looking for our next LIMS hero.


Let's do this! We are looking for our next LIMS hero! | Plantvision


The team consists of:

Karolina Andersson - Consultant Consultant Manager
Johannes Edvinsson - Consultant
Viktor Fransson - Consultant
Andreas Nilsson, Consultant
Roger Svedberg - Consultant
Anders Törnqvist - Consultant
Anders Jernberg - Business developer
Lenis Alvarez-Rozo - Consultant

Team: Laboratory Management

Team: Laboratory Management

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