Filip Abrahamsson

"There are many things I like about being a consultant! The most important thing for me is the flexibility and that no two days are the same."
Filip Abrahamsson, Technology Consultant at Plantvision AB

Working as a consultant is special, regardless of the industry. Here at Plantvision, many people work as consultants and Filip Abrahamsson is one of them. He belongs to the Manufacturing business area as a Senior Expert Consultant and is a great asset, whether it is about drawing process diagrams or developing additions to software.

But how did Filip go from working as a process operator in a pharmaceutical company to becoming a consultant with us?

'For as long as I can remember, I've had a great interest in machines and building things, for example I've spent a lot of time working in CAD. After an education with a technical focus, I started working as a process operator at a company in the pharmaceutical industry in Uppsala. There, one thing led to another and I changed roles to operations engineer with special responsibility for safety, environment and health (EHS). This work involved being involved in the planning of the environmental work at the treatment plant, but also being involved in producing risk analyses and then going through equipment and doing a practical risk analysis in the factory area with a focus on people, the environment and health (EHS). I also had partial responsibility for hot work and work in confined spaces, a hybrid role with a safety responsibility.

I applied to Plantvision because I wanted to work more with CAD and at the same time get the opportunity to work more broadly with different types of work that come with the consultant role", says Filip.

For many of our consultants, the variety of work combined with flexibility are two important factors. And for Philip, these are the factors that make him enjoy his job.

"There are many things I like about being a consultant! The most important thing for me is the flexibility and that no two days are the same. It may sound like a cliché, but it really is true that as a consultant no two days are the same because I work with several customers every day and with different approaches and technical solutions. One day I am drawing process diagrams and electrical diagrams and the next day I am developing new additions to the software I am working with. Another aspect is the flexibility in terms of time. I like to work early in the morning and I have the opportunity to control that here, which I appreciate very much," he says.

At Plantvision is committed to giving employees the opportunity to develop and test their wings, preferably in more than one way.

"I have developed a lot, as I have not worked as a consultant before. Through sponsorship, walking alongside other colleagues, and through contact with customers, I have been able to take on several different assignments where I have developed to be able to work more independently when needed. In that particular area, Plantvision helps you grow. In the beginning, I did not have much programming knowledge, but today I am involved in developing new additions to the platform we work with. It is such a journey that Plantvision has offered me, while working with assignments, I have the support to develop", says Filip.

Being involved from start to finish is something Filip appreciates and he is happy to take advantage of this opportunity.

"Today, I am involved in the early phase of the projects and have a dialog with customers already in the sales phase, where I develop plans and documentation to help the customer in their requirements management work to create the best possible solution. At Plantvision, we care about the well-being of our colleagues and here I get to work both on my own and in a team and know that I always have colleagues to turn to when I need to", he concludes.

Thanks for the chat Filip and good luck with your assignments!

Filip Abrahamsson

Role: Specialist Plant Asset Management
Team: Technology
Location: Kista

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