Validation & qualification

Basics of qualification and validation


The course is aimed at those working in the life sciences with validation and qualification of process equipment and computerized systems.

Validation and qualification is an important part of the pharmaceutical industry and other parts of the Life Science sector. Validation and qualification ensures that a method, process, whole or part of a system meets specified requirements and works reliably for its intended use and consistently delivers the expected product/function. Ultimately, this results in a safe product for patients and users.

This course provides you with basic knowledge of validation and qualification through a risk-based approach for both process equipment and computerized systems in Life Science. After the training you should have gained basic knowledge in the qualification and validation process for process equipment and computerized systems. Be able to apply risk-based approach and tools to prevent and solve problems. Be able to drive and participate in the qualification and validation work within different roles (e.g. validation engineer, process engineer, operator, QA, project manager).