Good Manufacturing Practice


The course is aimed at those who work in or supply the pharmaceutical industry and need a basic understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and related regulations.


All manufacturers of Pharma destined for the EU market, wherever they are in the world, must follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) describe the minimum standard that a pharmaceutical manufacturer must meet in its production processes. Pharmaceutical authorities authorise the manufacture of Pharma and inspect for compliance with regulations and standards.

This course gives you an overview of what GMP is and why it exists. Which authorities, requirements and regulations you have to deal with. What a quality system is and its components. The importance of good documentation, deviations and change management. Risk and deviation management to understand how you can avoid deviations from GMP regulations. After the training, you should have gained an understanding of the overall GMP requirements and how this governs the daily work in the pharmaceutical industry.