My name is Cecilia Jacobsson and I work as Business Area Manager at Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. A very fun role where I get to support my fantastic colleagues to develop both within their assignments and within PlantVision. The business area works, a bit simplified, with digitization of production and spans almost everything between automation and business systems. The offer is timely and it is incredibly exciting to be part of the digitization journey in Swedish industry. 

What I appreciate about my job is that I have had the privilege to see many different types of businesses and parts of businesses. I've also been privileged to have roles where I've been able to have a lot of influence and help projects and companies find effective ways for both their digitisation and more general business processes. 

On the home front, I have three young children, so it's important for me to have an employer where I can continue to develop despite parental leave, part-time work and periods of leave. At PlantVision, I feel that they focus on the individual regardless of personal circumstances, which I appreciate very much.

Do these sound like interesting challenges to you? Give me or one of my colleagues a call!