Michaela Stenaldi

"I switched from a line role to consulting and I've never regretted it"

Michaela Stenaldi is a mother of three (+ two older bonus children) who took action during her first parental leave. She changed jobs. From working in a line role in Life Science, she moved to the consulting industry. A choice she has never regretted.

"For me, the consultant role works optimally and I get to combine family life with a challenging and fun job. I work in the area of Plantvision Compliance, which primarily focuses on the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. My role as a consultant at Plantvision is incredibly varied and fun. My assignments have been incredibly different from each other and I have been able to try many new, exciting areas that have taken me forward both on a personal and professional level." says Michaela.

She highlights that the most fun part of her role as a consultant is the variety of assignments and clients. Sometimes you also get to step into completely different industries. Working as a consultant is in many ways special and sometimes differs somewhat from a line role. At Plantvision, we sometimes come across various claims about what it is like to be a consultant. Some more true than others. Michaela knows one myth she would like to dispel.

"It is a myth that you cannot combine life as a consultant with the toddler years. Being a consultant does not mean that you work around the clock and are always available. Like any other person, I have a normal working day where I deliver my tasks within set time frames. Consulting means a change of pace where clients and assignments vary, but we still work under normal working conditions - just like other non-consultant companies." says Michaela.

Michaela Stenaldi

Role: Team Leader Quality & Compliance
Team: Compliance
Location: Kista

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