Mattias Anderson 

"Every job and client is different, so no two days are the same"
Mattias Anderson, Plantvision AB Mattias Anderson, Plantvision AB

Meet Mattias, Specialist (aka ninja) in validation of eQMS - PlantVision Compliance. We have many bright minds working with us and thanks to their skills, commitment and willingness to develop, they collectively create a desire to perform their best and at the same time create (probably) the world's best workplace. We could not be more proud to present one of our specialists at PlantVision Compliance - Mattias Anderson. 

"I work with implementation and validation/qualification of electronic quality management systems, so called eQMS, for different Life Science companies. Among others Simploud eQMS. In my eQMS assignments, I have the role of project and validation manager. I carry out feasibility studies, help the customer to write URSs based on their needs, plan and coordinate the work between supplier and customer, and I help to produce validation documentation and to carry out testing in accordance with current regulations," says Mattias.

 Work can vary from day to day and from mission to mission. From working in close-knit teams to working in your own office.

" It can vary greatly depending on which phase the projects are in and which activities are ongoing. Early on in the project, it is important to carry out risk assessments and to identify the requirements and needs of the systems to be introduced, so there are often many working meetings and workshops. Later in the project, there is more individual work to produce documentation and carry out testing. I normally have several assignments in parallel, so there are almost always many activities going on at the same time and no two days are the same," he explains.

 Our customers are faced daily with various challenges that require action and that is where Mattias and the colleagues at Plantvision get the opportunity to assist and lift the customer forward and upwards.

" A common challenge is that the system to be implemented will be used by many different functions within the company, and then it becomes important to work cross-functionally to ensure that all end users and stakeholders are satisfied with the implementation of the system in the end. Another common challenge is that there are already existing paper-based work processes in place that need to be adapted to a digital way of working to enable the implementation of an eQMS", Mattias concludes.





Mattias Anderson

Role: Senior Consultant Quality & Compliance
Team: Compliance
Location: Kista

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