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Okay, say your business is going to develop a part of your production. You'll find out pretty quickly that it requires more than you thought. Maybe it's digitalisation you need, maybe it's process development and new facilities. Maybe you simply don't have the time. No worries, we'll help you today so you can save time and money tomorrow.

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Project management and change management
The art of coordinating tomorrow Anyone who has ever switched from one way of working to another knows that it is much easier said than done. Whether it's developing and implementing brand new processes or going from paper to ones and zeros, you need someone to guide, measure and evaluate every step of the change journey.
Preliminary studies and process mapping
Walk this way It's not always obvious what needs to change. Or how much needs to change. Or even what exactly the change should lead to. We think, we study, we map. We analyse, adjust. And we implement. So you don't have to.
Stewardship and life cycle management
Memento mori Just like people, your plants, systems, equipment and processes have a lifetime. And just like people, we need to take care of them and plan for their entire lifecycle so that they are the best they can be.
System implementation
Half brain, half heart We like to say that when you implement a new system, half the job is about project management and the other half is about understanding what your colleagues expect from the system. You need someone to take you all the way - today, tomorrow and beyond.
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Fredrik Arrigucci
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