Johan Bergstrand

An important cog in what makes our company tick is knowledge transfer. Sharing the knowledge you have with those who want and need it. For us this is incredibly important, every day is a new opportunity to both share and learn something new. One of those who are happy to share their experiences is our senior consultant Johan Bergstrand. He works as an automation engineer in the Manufacturing business area and is passionate about automating work processes and coaching his team to find solutions to new technical challenges.  
Johan Bergstrand, Consultant at Plantvision AB Johan Bergstrand, Consultant at Plantvision AB

The value of a skilled and responsive consultant

Johan is one of the employees in western Sweden who has many years of expertise in automation. A level of expertise that the company is proud to have. We at Plantvision have long understood the importance of a strong team in the area and know that demand is constantly growing among customers.

"We are a close-knit team in western Sweden working in my field," says Johan. "I myself came to Plantvision almost four years ago and have my background in turbines and programming. What I mainly work with at Plantvision is automation for technical systems, which is a niche that we are and have been strong in historically", he says.

The company realized early on that automation is crucial to the future of technical systems, which has put us at the forefront of other companies. In recent years, a stable platform has been built with a team that controls automated processes in various industries. A platform that the company will continue to develop.


"It is great that we at Plantvision are positioning ourselves to become a leading supplier of customized solutions. We have just the right strengths to develop the right kind of solutions for this kind of technical challenges", says Johan.


Automation can be applied in a variety of areas and is in high demand across a range of industries. And at Planvision, the goal is clear: to work on delivery projects where they strive to deliver the latest technology to enable a larger group of customers to enjoy its benefits.

"We are a tight team where everyone has expertise in the field of automation but, with different specializations, which makes this job very exciting", says Johan.

Johan is a valued employee. With his drive and enormous sensitivity, he was named PV employee of the year by his colleagues.

"The award is a great feeling! Knowing that what you do is appreciated by your colleagues makes me feel very proud", says Johan, who always tries to give constant feedback to his colleagues.

"I think that constant feedback and coaching is extremely valuable, not only between employees and managers but also between colleagues".

When asked why he chose Plantvision as his employer, he answers that there is an openness to take different paths. As an employee, you have the opportunity to either specialize in one area or to work more broadly. This means that Plantvision suits many people, he says.

"I prefer to be able to control the direction I want to go and I have always felt that Plantvision is responsive to what we consultants want.There are a number of opportunities to influence your work and a great deal of scope to create your own role. I really like how you develop, manage and achieve common goals together with the customers", Johan concludes.


Thanks for the chat Johan and good luck for the future!

Johan Bergstrand

Role: Senior Specialist Manufacturing Automation
Team: Technology
Location: Gothenburg

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