data integrity

Securing data under GxP regulations


The course is aimed at those who work with computerized systems in regulated activities. For example, IT manager, automation and system engineer, system manager, investment project manager, instrument manager (QC), validation manager or QA.

In order to comply with current regulations and proactively investigate and respond to questions from the market, companies need to secure resources with backgrounds in areas of expertise such as operations, engineering, labs, production, quality assurance and quality control. As well as IT knowledge and understanding of current conditions and concepts related to data integrity.

This course gives you a basic understanding of data integrity; the data lifecycle, the relevant regulations and guidance on how to ensure the quality and integrity of the data your organization uses. The course is presented at a level that is understandable for different business roles. After the training, you should have a basic understanding of data integrity, the relevant regulations that apply and their purpose.