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Our consultants have spent many years specializing in complex industrial and scientific IT environments. This experience means we can provide clear insights when planning and implementing integrated solutions.

Information is Key

The vast majority of IT partnering companies specialize in data. However, integrating systems based on data alone is not enough if your goal is to optimize processes and improve efficiency. This is why our consultants focus on information, not data.

By understanding the value of available information we help you decide what information should be collected, processed, distributed and reported. Extensive experience based on this approach means we can ensure integration across all of your current systems, whether that includes five systems or 85.

Integration Across Your Entire Value Chain

We can help you develop strategies that cover your entire enterprise value chain, including ERP, production planning, MES and process control, as well as LIMS, quality control and product release. Well-designed system integration ensures a secure and continuous flow of information that speeds up decision making, reduces errors and provides a basis for continuous improvement.

We always ensure that strategies are developed from a long-term perspective. This enables cost-effective system administration and change management, and provides better control over the total cost of ownership.



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