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We can help your organisation meet the challenge of digitalization and take your maintenance to a new level.

With COMOS, the world-leading solution from Siemens Industry Software, you can increase your efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

COMOS can be used as a complete maintenance system on its own, or it can be the link between a complex CMMS (e.g. SAP or Maximo) and the detailed technical information.

Embracing new ways of working is not always easy, but when you succeed the rewards are huge. It’s our mission to ensure you succeed!

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Our plant information is spread out on different servers, in folders, on memory sticks, and on our CD shelf – and some info is actually only on the supplier’s laptop!
  • There are only a couple of people who really know how to find things in our system. When they’re not around, we really struggle.
  • Quite often, we find a document or a piece of software, but we don’t know if it’s the latest version or not.
  • The same information needs updating in different places. We’ve got too many information islands and far too much time is wasted on routine tasks.  
  • We have difficulty responding in time to requests from regulatory authorities.
  • We spend too much time on emergencies and fighting fires, which is stressful for our organization.

These types of challenges are common in complex operational environments. If they seem all too familiar to you then our maintenance solution could revolutionize the way you work.

 Which companies/industries benefit the most?

COMOS offers important benefits and is suitable for use in many different industries. It is especially well-suited to process and manufacturing industries.

Due to its flexibility, COMOS can be used by a wide variety of companies, including both those looking to improve the efficiency of a current CMMS, and those wanting a complete solution for implementing preventive maintenance strategies and routines.

 Benefits for your organization

  • Improve production availability
  • Minimize stoppages and increase productivity
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Take control of all maintenance related data and information
  • Meet regulatory demands more efficiently
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers
  • Make business decisions based on complete and correct information
  • Carry out continuous improvement programs
  • Reduce stress and improve routines within your organization

 Intelligent maintenance

A primary goal for modern manufacturing is to make smarter use of available data and information. Whether your organization is working towards Industri 4.0 or simply looking to move away from a dependence on Excel and paper reporting, smart information management is a key success factor.

The first step is to reduce the number of information islands. Centralizing information, based on a well-organized, structured approach, is fundamental for whatever maintenance strategies and routines you plan to implement. All relevant information needs to be quick and easy to find, accessible by all, and available when and where needed, for example, via mobile clients at the point of repair.

This is especially important where operations are based on a large, complex CMMS, such as SAP or Maximo. Such systems involve massive investment but, oftentimes, they struggle to handle certain types of information. The cost for closing these data gaps can be enormous.

The ability to connect information is the key to empowering your personnel and achieving intelligent maintenance. Integrated information management can generate automatic work orders that are triggered by real-time data from production equipment, whilst also ensuring that all relevant detailed technical information is immediately available to maintenance staff.

From information islands to a centralized database. Well organized and easily accessible information is a key requirement for introducing an intelligent maintenance strategy.  

 Why choose COMOS?

Siemens COMOS is the world’s leading integrated software solution for plant engineering and lifecycle management. It is a modular solution providing engineers, operating personnel and management with a continuous flow of data to meet their specific needs.

  • All information available in a central database - COMOS is an object oriented solution, providing complete information and linking all related data sheets, instructions, process info, documentation and software, etc. 
  • Fast and simple to use – Well-organized information and an easy to use graphical interface based on a tree-folder structure means anyone can find information quickly and easily.
  • Improved networking and coordination – Everyone has access to and shares the same information (including suppliers) improving collaboration and strengthening relationships.
  • Preventive maintenance – COMOS is a complete maintenance solution capable of generating automatic work orders. It can also be easily integrated with production control, execution and reporting systems to enable sophisticated operation and condition-based maintenance strategies.
  • Training and simulation – COMOS Walkinside is a powerful 3D plant viewer and simulation tool enabling cost-effective training in dangerous environments, safety simulations, and effective preparation of maintenance tasks.
  • Modernization and change – Data integration and information sharing reduce the time and complexity of change projects (modernization, engineering improvements, expanding facilities, multi-site roll-out, or meeting new regulatory demands, etc). The system facilitates separate work layers so new projects can be developed using all available information without any disturbance to ongoing operations.
  • Quality built in – COMOS has been developed to meet the stringent quality demands associated with pharmaceutical manufacturing. Whatever the industry, COMOS is capable of meeting high requirement and regulatory standards.   

Left: Easy navigation. COMOS tree structure makes finding information fast and simple. Right: Concept image illustrating the advantage of having separate work layers. 

 Why work with PlantVision?

  • We are Scandinavia’s leading consultants for realizing operational improvement. Since 1999, we have delivered value in thousands of projects in the Nordic region and around the world.
  • We offer a wide range of world-leading products and have extensive experience of integrating solutions with existing production and business systems.
  • We are Siemens’ chosen partner in the Nordic region for Siemens COMOS.
  • We have more than 10 years of COMOS customization experience, and 25 years of plant engineering, design, maintenance and information management experience – gained from process, manufacturing, life science, oil and gas, and pulp and paper industries.
  • We establish long-term cooperation with our customers in order to build confidence and trust at every stage, from insight and development, to implementation, training and optimization.
  • We continue to support solutions over their entire lifecycle, enabling continuous improvement and ensuring long-term value.

 What do COMOS users say?


When you think about how much time is spent on maintaining lists of reserve parts, for example, an integrated solution is not just something that’s nice to have. Automating this kind of task can save a lot of time and money – and you can improve both quality and service towards customers. The potential gains are enormous.  
Björn Axelsson, COMOS system officer, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, Finspång, Sweden

We are heavily involved in integrated systems. COMOS is a strategic choice because of the integrated operations thinking.
Tor Ove Holsen, Leader Document & Information Management, GDF SUEZ E&P Norge AS

The bottom line is that we have reduced the number of interfaces, and with that, potential sources of errors. That means our processes have been made more effective, the quality of our data is higher, and the P&IDs even more up to date. The potential of further COMOS modules is obvious. We think we can leverage them to achieve even more efficiency. The work layer model of COMOS can map plant changes wonderfully; all objects and system circuits are on hand. That can provide support for knowledge-based planning for testing and maintenance.  
Ralf von der Weppen, Maintenance Manager, INEOS Oxide, Cologne, Germany (Petrochemical industry)


In the planning, maintenance, modification and operation of our plant equipment we have a very efficient workflow system. The new planning tool had to integrate seamlessly into our work methods, and also to allow even more increases in efficiency.  
Guido Gerdemann, Project Manager for Central Engineering, INEOS, Cologne, Germany (Petrochemical industry)

We were not looking for a mere data management system but an intelligent data management system that we could use to digitally map the plant quickly and easily and that would allow further planning. A huge advantage of COMOS is that the software is flexibly adapted to the existing work processes, and not the other way around, as is usual with other software products. We have the guarantee at all times that the available data and documents reflect the as-built state of the power plant  
David Röbbing, System Administrator, Linden heat and power plant, Stadtwerke Hannover AG, Germany

 What should I do next?

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