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We offer powerful solutions for process, electrical, instrumentation and control engineering that could revolutionize the way you work.

COMOS is a world-leading software solution from Siemens Industry Software that enables engineers, suppliers, project managers and company management to work and collaborate more effectively across technical disciplines.

You are able to significantly increase your efficiency, flexibility and productivity compared to traditional approaches based on CAD systems and Excel.

Embracing new ways of working is not always easy, but when you succeed the rewards are huge. It’s our mission to ensure you succeed!

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • We need to shorten lead times and work more efficiently to succeed in a very competitive market place.
  • There is strong interdependency between our technical disciplines, so they are forced to wait until the preceding stage is completely finalized.
  • The same information has to be updated in many different places, which is time consuming and can lead to errors. It’s also a nuisance for employees.
  • It is difficult to find information, especially as it can be stored in a number of different systems.
  • A lot of time is wasted in answering even simple questions from sub-suppliers and others involved in a project.
  • We wish we had a solution for e-signatures and for quickly finding the latest version of a document. Being able to track changes is also important for us.
  • When a project is complete we need to compile all the information and hand-over to the customer. Oftentimes, this final step eats up the remaining profit in a project.

If these types of challenges seem all too familiar, our solutions could revolutionize the way you work.

 Which companies/industries benefit the most?

COMOS is powerful solution for industrial plant engineering, EPC contractors and companies offering engineering services or custom-engineered solutions.

COMOS can be used across many different industries. It is perfectly suited to process-based industries, but also offers major benefits in the engineering of other types of industrial plants and engineering projects.

 Benefits for your organization

  • Reduce your risk exposure by ensuring projects are executed efficiently and consistently.
  • Reduce time to market and generate a faster return on investment.
  • Shorten lead times by implementing a new, faster working process that allows different disciplines to work simultaneously on the same project.
  • Improve global collaboration by using a central information platform that gives everyone access to the same up-to-date, accurate information.
  • Increase quality levels, simplify reporting and improve traceability.
  • Provide management with a clearer overview of projects, so they can easily follow progress and make business decisions based on complete and correct information.
  • Reduce stress levels and improve working routines by ensuring data only needs entering once and the latest version of documents, data and software is always available.

 Successful engineering – Reduce RISK and improve RESULTS

Market conditions are getting tougher. Whether you’re an EPC contractor, a provider of custom-engineered solutions or an industrial processing plant, increasing international competition and more demanding customers are common challenges today.  

Working on capital intensive projects with relatively low margins means being exposed to risk. A bout of ‘data chaos’ in the early stages of a project, for example, could delay delivery and have serious financial consequences.   


The right TOOLS enable better PERFORMANCE
Having a powerful and integrated engineering information system enables you to focus on your engineering expertise and perform projects at a consistently high level.

Different engineering disciplines are able to work more effectively and, importantly, they are able to work simultaneously on the same project. This leads to fewer engineering hours being needed and a significantly shorter project lead time.

All project participants have a single access point for all project data. Data quality is improved throughout all phases, from start-up to final delivery, and the potential for errors is minimized.


The right PARTNER enables better RESULTS
Improved performance and the ability to offer greater levels of customer service can provide a basis for long-term competitive advantage. But to fully capitalize on these opportunities you will need an experienced and reliable partner.

It goes beyond system requirements, specifications, configuration and integration with current IT systems. To be successful requires a new way of working and a new way of thinking.

It is important to begin with INSIGHT. You need to develop a clear understanding of the critical factors for success, how those factors impact one another, and what needs to happen to ensure business change generates sustainable value.

A partner can also help to ensure you benefit from additional synergies. For example, improving decision making with solutions such as aspenONE Engineering, a software tool that enables cost vs quality decisions to be taken at an early stage. Or, integrating the engineering solution with the control system in order to reduce control system workloads. 

The right partner will not just deliver a system, they will help empower your employees, enable greater project profitability and maximize your return on your investment.

  • COMOS enables different engineering disciplines to work simultaneously, shortening project lead times significantly.

  •  Why choose COMOS?

    Siemens COMOS is the world’s leading integrated software solution for plant engineering and lifecycle management. It is a modular solution providing engineers, operating personnel and management with a continuous flow of data to meet their specific needs.

    • Fully integrated system - Enables improved performance and access to real time data across the entire plant life cycle.
    • Multidisciplinary – Avoids the need for separate systems for process engineering, system engineering, piping, electrical engineering, instrumentation, and automation. COMOS enables all disciplines to collaborate effectively on a single platform solution.
    • Central database – All engineering information and documentation is available in a single system. The object-oriented plant register makes it quick and easy to find, display, handle, manage change and ensure the quality of data and documents.
    • Global collaboration – New information and changes are immediately updated in the global data center. Participants, worldwide, have access to and can share the same information (including suppliers) improving collaborations and strengthening relationships.
    • Projects overview – Project progress can be easily visualized and followed at management level. Status and progress reports are always based on current and correct information, providing decision support.
    • Modernization and change – Data integration and information sharing reduce the time and complexity of change projects. COMOS technology facilitates working in separate work layers. This allows engineers to work on a reconstruction using actual data, without affecting current operations. When the project is finalized the new work layer is released and replaces the original.  
    • Quality built in – COMOS has been developed to meet the stringent demands for quality, reporting and traceability within the pharmaceutical industry. Whatever your industry, COMOS is capable of meeting high requirements and regulatory standards.  
    • Virtual 3D simulation – COMOS Walkinside is a powerful tool that enables the plant to be viewed in a virtual 3D environment. This facilitates automation and simulation before commissioning and can also be used for cost-effective training in dangerous environments, safety simulations, and preparation of maintenance tasks.

    COMOS is the only software solution that supports all EPC project phases with a single centralized database.

     Why work with PlantVision?

    • We are Scandinavia’s leading consultants for realizing operational improvement. Since 1999, we have delivered value in thousands of projects across the Nordic region and around the world.
    • We offer a wide range of world-leading products and have extensive experience of integrating solutions with existing production and business systems.
    • We are Siemens’ chosen partner in the Nordic region for Siemens COMOS.
    • We have more than 10 years of COMOS customization experience, and 25 years of plant engineering, design, maintenance and information management experience – gained from process, manufacturing, life science, oil and gas, and pulp and paper industries.
    • We establish long-term cooperation with our customers in order to build confidence and trust at every stage, from value insight and business case development, to solution configuration, implementation, training, optimization and long-term support.
    • By working in close partnership with customers we ensure that solutions and tools are in line with your overall business strategies and provide optimal support for your organization.  
    • We continue to support solutions over their entire lifecycle, enabling continuous improvement and ensuring sustainable value.

     What do COMOS users say?


    We were looking for a system that could keep everything in one place and make different disciplines work in one system at the same time. And COMOS has those functions. We will cut engineering time consumption with a system where engineers can easily access information.  
    Mikael Berling, Group Manager Automation & IT, Gryaab AB, Sweden

    COMOS is used for all project phases and has changed the way we work. We are able to collect knowledge, shorten project development and delivery times, and increase project quality. COMOS also helps us to collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers. The time required for preparing a project has been reduced from two-three weeks to a few days. We have become faster and can take better advantage of specific expertise. Since we deliver, on average, a project every week we need tools that make us more efficient and reduce the time for routine tasks and controls
    Björn Axelsson, COMOS system officer, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, Finspång, Sweden

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    We are already seeing significant improvements in terms of reduced engineering time and higher overall engineering performance. Because the pulp and paper industry is very cost-driven – and for us, engineering is a major cost factor in our projects – having a software solution such as COMOS really helps a lot. We are now able to give a more solid, structured, and detailed presentation during the bidding phase, as we have all the information in a single database.  
    Ismo Lätti, COMOS administrator, Andritz Oy, Finland

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     What should I do next?

    Get in touch and discover exactly how we can help your organization.

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