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Working with PlantVision offers you the potential to revolutionize the way your lab operates. We help you to meet the challenges facing modern laboratories; managing huge volumes of samples and analysis data, providing full traceability and ensuring secure data access – all of which needs to be carried out cost effectively and comply with regulations.

At the heart of operations there is usually a laboratory information management system (LIMS). Our consultants have gained many years of experience working with different LIMS, in particular those from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

We also provide insights and expertise related to the processes carried out in a lab environment. We can help you to improve planning activities, sample management and other workflows, enabling you to reduce lead times and work more efficiently.

The Paperless Laboratory

We can also greatly increase the value of your operations by integrating your various systems, such as lab equipment, LIMS, electronic document management, and other business systems. This helps you to eliminate inefficient paper-based processes, distribute and share information more quickly, minimize the risk of manual errors, and speed up decision making.

Our consultants help you to ensure that all information is managed in compliance with quality standards, such as ISO 17025, or regulatory requirements such as CFR 21 Part 11 / Annex 11 in the pharmaceutical industry.



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