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Contract Research Organizations

A LIMS Solution for Contract Research Organizations

Thermo Scientific* Watson LIMS is the leading LIMS for bioanalytical laboratories, offering a highly specialized, protocol-driven software application to support drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies in drug discovery and development.

To stay competitive and agile in an ever increasing and complex environment, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are outsourcing more and more research spending. The result of this is that Contract Research Organizations (CROs) have seen exponential growth by offering a more focused and expertise-rich approach to their services. The major success factor of CRO providers is based on being able to deliver market-specific, high-performance technology with expandable capacity and quicker delivery speed. CROs must employ tools to help them integrate their data to speed their processes and to connect with their customers outside of the laboratory.

Designed to fit the bioanalytical workflow, Watson enables accelerated sample turnaround in DMPK laboratories, thereby reducing costs associated with sample management. Watson facilitates efficient study design and data transfer between researchers, enabling them to benefit from improved operational efficiency. CROs face unique challenges and require data management tools that are very different from conventional laboratories that employ traditional LIMS.

Rich functionality and flexible framework delivers

Full security and complete compliance confidence Provides a complete 21 CFR Part 11 compliance system and full study audit trail.

Automation to improve study data workflow

Allows a full bi-directional interface capability to analytical instruments, tracks shipments and samples through user-designed barcode labels, supports a wide range of analyses, and organizes study results in a unique document management system.

Enterprise-wide knowledge and collaboration

Permits improved collaboration and data transmission between sites, systems and customers currently using Watson LIMS.

Robust, dynamic reporting

Supports built in reporting and document management system, with full chain of custody reports for sample tracking.

Customers who are "study oriented" versus "data collection oriented" will benefit from a purpose-built LIMS to:

  • Screen smarter and faster while reducing operating costs.
  • Acquire, analyze and run complex studies (including calculations and statistics) on huge volumes of data, in multiple formats.
  • Review, summarize, document and present data in effective reports.
  • Provide their customers with secure and easy access to their data.
  • Automate, integrate and manage equipment and data.
  • Increase productivity, lower operating costs, and improve quality and
    customer service.
  • Accelerate decision making.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements.

Includes: Comprehensive regression calculation tool, complete with linear and non-linear algorithms and many weighting factors.



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