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MES, LIMS, ERP, planning systems, process databases, shop floor systems, and quality databases all generate huge quantities of valuable information.

We help you to make effective use of information, so you can streamline processes, make better use of resources and increase productivity.

Continuous Improvement Loop

We can help you to develop strategies and solutions that optimize operations through a continuous loop of measuring, reporting, analyzing and modifying.

We make sure all levels within your organization have access to the information they need:

  • Key performance indicators and trend analysis supporting company management
  • Identifying bottlenecks and best-performance processes supporting production management
  • Close-to-production decision support making operators more effective


We offer our own powerful business intelligence solution in this area. PlantPerformance comes with 20 years of experience built in. It enables you to drive lean activities and improve OEE levels.

PlantPerformance lets you visualize, monitor and analyze operation-wide information in real time. A modular and flexible approach means it can be adapted to your specific needs – whether you’re a small independent operating unit or a global multi-site manufacturer.


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