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Aspen InfoPlus.21® family is an information management system for real-time manufacturing processes. InfoPlus.21 collects and stores large volumes of process data and makes it accessible for analysis and reporting by client users, business systems and production applications.

InfoPlus.21 is a process data historian as well as a special information platform with direct record access via search tree technology. The system is used in manufacturing and process environments for environmental compliance history; operator interfacing; batch monitoring and analysis; engineering analysis interface; management information; and statistical process and quality control.

InfoPlus.21 helps process manufacturers improve the flow of information plant-wide through its integration with supply chain and ERP systems. It functions as the 'interchange' between these systems and provides detailed plant operations information to plant managers and engineers.

Ultimately, this information supports improved engineering workflow processes and control strategies, as well as enhanced decision support, customer service, cost-efficiencies and operating performance.


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