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Our goal is to ensure your change project delivers maximum value, whether it relates to industrial IT, production, information technology or a larger organizational change. That means focusing on all aspects, from start-up, clarifying the scope of change, planning, implementation and monitoring, to motivating and training personnel and ensuring a smooth transition to application and maintenance management.

You benefit from our extensive experience in the areas of IT infrastructure, systems integration, quality assurance and project management, combined with our in depth knowledge of proven technical systems. This unique approach enables us to better understand your operations and provide you with truly Fit-for-Purpose solutions.

Reliability and accountability

Experienced project managers can take responsibility for an entire project, including all associated subprojects, ensuring deliverables meet pre-determined requirements and quality specifications.

Our project managers have gained a wealth of experience. They are comfortable running crossfunctional projects, collaborating with suppliers, leading teams of technical experts, and working for customers with strict security and quality demands.

All project managers are accountable for developing project and risk management plans, budget tracking, and ensuring clear communication between all project members.

In addition to project managers, we can also provide technical lead engineers, technical experts and subproject consultants who are able to take responsibility for part of a project where specialized capabilities are required.

Project management and delivery model

We use a scalable life cycle model for project management. It is based on best practices from various commercial models and has been further enhanced to suit our way of working.

We pride ourselves on efficient project delivery. To help achieve this we always make sure our project team includes:

  • Project leadership skills
  • The capabilities needed to secure the right balance between scope, quality and cost
  • A clear understanding of industry standards and requirements
  • Personal qualities that match the tasks to be carried out

Whoever is involved, you always benefit from highly competent and reliable individuals, dedicated to the success of your project.



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