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Successful business change starts here

Too many change initiatives fail to meet expectations.  Our value-driven approach is different. Instead of focusing on solutions to problems, we focus on how to generate sustainable business value from the challenges and opportunities you face.

Our proven workshops and change management methods combine to form a comprehensive road map for success. We focus on the four key areas essential for successful business transformation: insight, effect, change, and benefits.

Having greater INSIGHT enables you to define what success looks like; reveal what it will take to achieve; identify who is needed; and describe how they should go about things.


What is an INSIGHT workshop?

An INSIGHT workshop is a powerful change facilitation method using a lean/agile approach.

It enables you to uncover, prioritize and anchor your business opportunities, innovations and challenges.
Workshops combine practical exercises, theory and coaching. They provide a visual and interactive experience, where key stakeholders are engaged through stimulating and rewarding multidisciplinary exercises.

They also provide opportunities for ad hoc discussions, strengthening the group dynamic, bringing individuals closer together, and helping the team to focus on selected key areas.

Workshops are planned according to the scope of the project, so each one is different. On average, around two full days are needed.

What will an INSIGHT workshop give you?

  • Confidence that you are prioritizing the right investments and changes – those that will achieve your goals and deliver maximum sustainable value.
  • A complete overview and road map for change – connecting your goals with the desired effects, the changes to be implemented, and the benefits that will be realized.
  • Committed and engaged stakeholders – united by a shared vision and motivated by a sense of ownership.

An INSIGHT workshop not only identifies the critical factors for success, but it also reveals how those factors relate to, and impact, one another. This level of INSIGHT is key to ensuring your business change generates maximum sustainable value.  


Life sciences
Process industry
Energy sector
Pulp & paper


I would definitely recommend this workshop to a colleague:

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(on a scale of 1-6)


What was the most useful thing about this workshop for you?

“That we now know what we don’t know”
Supply Chain Manager

“Understanding that we are unsure about our vision!”

Gathering colleagues to discuss an important future project – consensus
Quality & Environmental Manager

A clear road map and guidance for making a decision and starting up the project.”
Production Manager

The change map, clarity about who should change what
Project Manager

Index finger – placing responsibility by pointing at oneself

My own understanding of the problem and how “the solution” was developed
Plant Manager



FREE introductory workshop

We are offering a free* two-hour, visual and interactive consultation in the form of a workshop. The workshop will give you an insight into the core principles, methods and tools we use by applying them to a specific challenge or opportunity facing your organization.

  • Fine-tune the DIRECTION of your thinking and goals – Where should you be focusing your efforts?
  • ENGAGE and MOTIVATE key stakeholders by getting them onboard early.
  • Provide INSPIRATION, generate new ideas and start thinking more creatively.

Above all, find out what it takes to ensure that you generate sustainable value from business change.

Interested? Contact us today to arrange a workshop or to discuss other opportunities for your organization.
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* All we ask is to be reimbursed for our travel costs.


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