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PlantVision launches new approach to preventive maintenance

30 September 2015

PlantVision is now able to help customers improve their maintenance efforts by monitoring equipment in real time. Operation & Condition Based Maintenance is a cost-effective strategy that uses the actual condition and operating information of an asset (e.g. equipment or machine) to decide if and when maintenance needs to be carried out.

Using this approach, customers can reduce both direct and indirect maintenance costs, increase equipment reliability and lower their total cost of ownership.

Avoid unnecessary maintenance rounds
A traditional maintenance approach relies on regular checks. Maintenance rounds are scheduled and performed at predefined intervals, which is not only time consuming but can also result in unnecessary downtime.

With operation and condition based maintenance, maintenance is only performed when it is triggered by asset conditions. The goal is to predict possible upcoming equipment failure, so maintenance can be proactively scheduled precisely when it is needed – and not before.

Benefits of operation and condition based maintenance

  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Maintenance is performed while asset is still operational – minimizing production disruptions
  • Reduces the cost of asset failures
  • Minimizes production downtime due to equipment failure
  • Minimizes requirement for emergency spare parts
  • Minimizes time spent on maintenance
  • Optimizes maintenance intervals (more optimal than manufacturer’s recommendations)

Real-time monitoring with PlantMaintenance

Central to our operation and condition based maintenance approach is PlantMaintenance – our new close-to-production software solution.

PlantMaintenance enables one or more algorithms to be assigned to each asset or asset type. The algorithms can be based on an asset’s operational status (e.g. a pump’s total running time) or its condition (e.g. vibrations or temperature), or a combination of both. 

Using real-time data from the asset, PlantMaintenance automatically informs maintenance personnel when it is time for inspection. This can be done via email, SMS or a work order in the company’s maintenance system.

Adding value to current systems

PlantMaintenance is not intended to replace established maintenance systems. Rather, it improves the effectiveness and increases the value of such systems.

As well as helping to optimize routines, it also provides a basis for continual improvement. For example, allowing users to compare the performance of several assets of the same type and then applying the best maintenance practice across that group.

In addition, the system also supports improved administration by linking all information relating to the asset (e.g. operational entries, electrical drawings and manuals) in one place.

Find out more

As well as being a stand-alone product, PlantMaintenance is also available as a module within PlantPerformance – PlantVision’s powerful business intelligence solution for improving productivity and operational efficiency.

For more information, contact Wojtek Dabrowski, Business Area Manager, PlantVision Software Solutions, PlantVision AB. Tel: +46 (0)8 503 045 03  /



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