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Case Stories

Big benefits for a big laboratory

A large lab had two major challenges. After the project they had a robust and secure lab-IT environment, centralized data that fulfils data integrity requirements and a much more effective way of handling results.

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Future-proof production follow-up in a modern IT infrastructure

A critical operating system was being affected by an aging IT environment. PlantVision helped its customer by implementing a new modern IT infrastructure. The result was a robust and fail-safe operating environment, a standardized working method and lower costs.

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System admin is the key to success

A new information system increased pressure on the customer's helpdesk. By strengthening the system administration team with an expert consultant from PlantVision, several incidents were quickly resolved – saving production data, time and money.

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Spotlight on production planning

A major challenge for Glamox was to predict and meet delivery deadlines. Thanks to a new centralized planning and scheduling solution from PlantVision the company has been able to improve delivery precision and shorten response times for customer order enquiries.

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Designing reusable quality

Faced with the need to validate its cGMP-critical electronic spreadsheets, Sicor Biotech turned to PlantVision. With the help of a modular, risk-based and reusable validation concept, the project was completed both quickly and cost effectively.

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The shortest course to quality assurance

Computerized systems used in GxP environments have to meet regulatory demands. Training courses run by The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences aim to help participants understand not only how to carry out quality assurance of computerized systems, but how to do so efficiently. Thatís why they use consultants from PlantVision as course tutors.

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The art of visualizing performance

At AstraZeneca's largest tablet manufacturing site lean production is a central theme. One of its key tools is a real-time performance management and decision support solution from PlantVision. The ability to visualize production data has helped AstraZeneca to increase capacity utilization by more than 10%.

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Let your fingers do the monitoring

Q-Med's new facility monitoring system is a fully automated solution with complete web-based data access. It means users can now spend more time monitoring production from their office PCs – and less time running the corridors.

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Getting to grips with GAMP

When your medical tubing products are helping to save lives around the world, staying on top of current issues is essential. A customized training course has strengthened Optinova's knowledge of GAMP, and provided a starting point for developing new quality processes.

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Compliance through people skills

Quality compliance at AstraZeneca requires strict adherence to procedures. But it also demands fine judgment in order to assess which measures are needed and how best to motivate those affected by system changes.

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Quality built on courage

When you are up against tight deadlines it takes courage to stick to your own line of thinking. This proved to be a key success factor during the validation of Uppsala Imanet's new production line for the manufacture of radioactive tracers.

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Delivering quality has its rewards

Helping Pharmadule deliver and qualify a new production facility for a major US pharma company resulted in two things; the facility passed its FDA inspection and it won ISPE's international award "Facility of the Year".

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Selecting the right quality partner

The introduction of GAMP5 meant Octapharma needed to review its systems and routines for its blood plasma production. By choosing the right partner it has achieved this and, at the same time, developed shorter and clearer QA and validation instructions.

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Knowing your supplier inside out

Knowing your supplier's capabilities is essential if you are to invest in a new business system. A competent supplier audit not only gave Recipharm the information they needed, but also generated solutions to quality issues and created a positive platform on which to move forward.

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The power of information

Forsmark nuclear power plant generates huge volumes of process information under stringent requirements. A new information and decision-support system provides real-time data analysis and the ability to optimize processes. More than 500 users have access to the user-friendly and expandable system.

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Empowering operators

Handling process information from 10,000 measurement points was proving difficult at Växjö Energy's power plant in Sandviken, Sweden. Now, real-time access to process data provides operators with a powerful new tool to improve power generation efficiency.

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Integration through LIMS

Eurofins Sweden (formerly Lantmännen Analycen) is expanding its network of contract laboratories. A central LIMS system is helping to integrate new units and adapt them to established analysis and quality routines – resulting in improved customer service and more efficient planning.

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World-leading pharmaceutical production

AstraZeneca's manufacturing facilities in Sweden produce many of the company's best-selling products. Supporting operations is a process information system (for improving pharmaceutical production) and solutions for electronic documentation and electronic/batch records (for meeting regulatory demands).

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One for all, and all for one

Iron ore production at LKAB is both spread out and complex. Under the motto "One LKAB" PlantVision is supporting the company with a comprehensive, organization-wide information solution that is helping to improve quality, production capacity and profitability.

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Oiling QC operations

A new LIMS solution means Nynäs Petroleum's quality labs now have a single system for managing all analysis data, from crude oil to final customer. Improved accessibility and easier reporting means tasks that used to take hours can now be carried out in seconds!

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Keeping the mills rolling

When it comes to paper production, machine downtime is extremely expensive. StoraEnso's Kvarnsveden mill invested in an integrated information system to improve production line efficiency and has been rewarded with easier fault detection, improved QC and reduced downtime.

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