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Knowing your supplier inside out

Knowing your supplier's capabilities is essential if you are to invest in a new business system. A competent supplier audit not only gave Recipharm the information they needed, but also generated solutions to quality issues and created a positive platform on which to move forward.

When Recipharm was looking to acquire a new business system it had the possibility to use a small company as system supplier. "The price structure was interesting, but the company had limited experience of implementing systems within the pharmaceutical industry," says Ulf Stenfalk, Project Manager at Recipharm's IS Department.

In order to clarify the small company's capabilities Recipharm decided to carry out a supplier assessment, a so-called audit. Validera was given the task of performing the audit. Ulf Stenfalk had no hesitation in the choice of consultant. "Validera work in an incredibly structured way. They can find substantial shortcomings, but still succeed in maintaining a positive working atmosphere."

Ulf Stenfalk formed this opinion during a supplier assessment that Validera performed for Recipharm in 2006. "They arrived well-read with an extremely well-prepared structure."


"Validera identify crucial shortcomings in a supplier assessment. Their firm proposals make it easy to assess the prospects for future cooperation
Ulf Stenfalk, projektledare Recipharm


Two consultants from Validera carried out the audit together. Within a short space of time they worked through a large number of questions as well as reviewing an extensive amount of background material.

"They identified the critical areas with great precision. In the audit report they presented firm and easily understood proposed actions, for both the short and long term."

The proposals in the latest supplier assessment made it possible for Recipharm to determine the extent of additional costs expected should the supplier in question be used. "There are shortcomings, but they can be fixed at a reasonable cost."


"Validera's consultants are extremely flexible and are focused on finding solutions when they identify problems and weaknesses."


Ulf Stenfalk appreciates the fact that the supplier assessment created several alternative choices regarding an important contract. He also believes it is very important that the audit itself is perceived as a positive experienced by all parties. This helps to support smooth collaboration in the future.

"Validera's consultants are extremely flexible and are focused on finding solutions when they identify problems and weaknesses. This contributes to the positive working atmosphere during their audits."

About Recipharm

Recipharm is a leading European pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing company. It operates ten manufacturing facilities in Sweden, France, UK and Switzerland, and has its head office just outside Stockholm. Recipharm supplies the global pharmaceutical market with over 600 products in a variety of dosage forms, including granulates, powders, sterile preparations, semi solids, beta-lactams, hormones and dry powder inhalers. Annual sales are more than EURO 150 million. The company has around 1,400 employees.



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