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Förbättra affärsresultat och prestanda

Vi hjälper våra kunder att lyckas med sina verksamhetsförändringar.
I dagsläget har vi levererat tusentals framgångsrika projekt till kunder inom process- och tillverkningsindustrin.

Ta reda på hur Ni kan öka lönsamheten och göra Er verksamhet långsiktigt konkurrenskraftig.


“Users can view the entire system in real time from their own office. They no longer need to physically visit each production area to retrieve data.”
Dan Seidegård, Q-Med

“The course proved very successful. It provided the grounding we needed and gave us a very good starting point for developing our own systems.”
Dan-Ola Westerlund, Optinova

“They fulfill the very high demands we place on our consultants, both in terms of competency and personal qualities.”
Said Diarbakerli, AstraZeneca

“As Project Leader you want to move forward quickly. But they have the strength to stop, reflect on the situation and motivate actions needed to ensure quality.”
Harald Schneider, Imanet

“Above all, I am very pleased with their ability to listen to our needs and then work independently to develop suitable solutions.”
Jenny Josefsson, Octapharma

“We have gained a very user-friendly system, which is both flexible and expandable. We now have completely new possibilities for optimizing different processes.”
Torbjörn Wikman, Forsmark nuclear power plant

“Users have begun to extract information on their own initiative, and that’s proof positive that the system meets our requirements.”
Bengt Fransson, Växjö Energi, Sandviksverket

“PlantVision understand both our and our customers’ operations. We can rely on them to deliver smart and user-friendly solutions.”
Britt Rahm, Lantmännen Analycen

“We wanted a completely reliable system that would fully comply with FDA electronic records and batch tracking regulations. And that is what we have today.”
Anders Jonsson, AstraZeneca Tablet Production Sweden

“We now have a standardized system for registration of stoppages. An initial objective has already been reached with 95% of stoppages being registered for comparable reasons.”
Gunilla Wagner, AstraZeneca Drug Product Supply

“Previously, each unit worked individually. Now, with a shared overview, everyone can pull together, irrespective of geographic location or area of production.”
Håkan Tyni, LKAB

“Before, we were forced to enter lab results at a specific time. Now, we enter results when it suits us. It is also easier to view results, and for relevant parties to examine and comment on them.”
Anja Andersson, Nynäs Petroleum

“Every new application was developed in close cooperation with end users. That's been the key factor for the success of this project. ”
Anders Jons, StoraEnso, Kvarnsveden paper mill

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